In Belgium, Doctors Will Help You Kill Yourself if You're Depressed

Dayna Evans · 06/17/15 10:45AM

Right now in Belgium, if you wanted to die, a team of doctors would be there to help you. You need not have a terminal illness, or be necessarily anywhere close to the end of your life. You could be depressed or suffering from anxiety or any number of psychological ailments and that would be enough to constitute assisted suicide. Your family and friends would hardly be consulted on the matter because it is your free will.

Doctor-Assisted Suicide is the Issue That Divides Us Most

Seth Abramovitch · 06/01/11 12:34AM

In these rapidly changing times, it's almost comforting to know that some issues can still divide the country right down the middle. Gallup has conducted its 2011 Values and Beliefs poll, which presented a sample of Americans with 17 controversial issues facing the nation today — everything from "wearing fur" (56% find it morally acceptable vs. 39% thinking it's morally wrong) to "pornography" (30% vs. 66%) to "gay or lesbian relations" (like fur, also 56% vs. 39%) to "cloning humans" (12% vs. 84%). One topic, however, produced the least amount of public consensus, with just 3% separating the moral yays from the moral nays: "doctor-assisted suicide."

It's Still OK to Kill Yourself in Switzerland

Jeff Neumann · 05/16/11 06:39AM

In a landslide vote yesterday, the Swiss decided to keep in place a 1941 law that allows assisted suicide, as well "suicide tourism" for foreigners. Conservatives and evangelical religious figures in the country tried to have the practice banned through a referendum. Liberal and even some right wing parties opposed the ban.