Daily News Averts Clich Disaster

rbouncer · 12/28/06 11:30AM

So, record numbers of slow-moving, five-abreast sidewalk-blocking Michiganders are in New York this month, pushing back the start of our workdays by keeping us from going where we need to go. Read the story. It's informative, if not particularly groundbreaking. The headline, however, is what's important. It appears to us as though the Daily News hasn't yet veered into the neverland of blog clich -dom, opting to use an actual heart symbol instead of claiming that the tourists in question "heart" New York.

Bad Lingo: Rocky Falls Prey To Blogger Clich

Emily Gould · 12/27/06 10:10AM

We were shuffling through the dessicated, juiceless items of today's Page Six (seriously, an item about equine herpes?!) when finally, we came across this tidbit from an interview Sly Stallone had granted to fans on Ain't It Cool News. Apparently, he'd had a bit of a tiff with legendary director/legendary dick Robert Evans at some point in the early 80s; it came to a head when Evans dumped a bag full of dirty Polaroids of Stallone's then-girlfriend on his lap. Sly's reaction?

Bad Lingo: Blog Clich Detector Is The New Proofreading Carefully!

Emily Gould · 12/22/06 08:50AM

OMG!! A Hanukah gift dropped quietly into our inbox in the night! A smartypants computer programmer has actually created a program, inspired by our screed about abused and overused blogger writing copouts, that detects the offenses we mentioned. All you have to do is cut and paste the writing in question into the Clich Detector, and you'll know right away which turns of phrase to cut mercilessly, yo. Best. Computer Program. Ever. What's next? Someone will be inspired to create a computer program that just writes all of our posts for us? That might be a good thing, actually, cause all of this Rosie/Trump/Miss Nevada/Judith Regan meaningless pre-Xmas drivel is kind of making our eyes bleed, not to mention making us throw up in our mouth a little bit, and it seems like the media just isn't about to stop reporting these non-stories anytime soon. We're looking at you, Post. Seriously. Seriously. Um, so maybe you'll want to try it out? It's, wait for it, full of programmy goodness.

Bad Lingo Continues: Throwing Up In Mouth Predates 'Dodgeball'; Civilization?

Emily Gould · 12/20/06 11:30AM

Yesterday, we took a stab at explaining the origin myth of annoying catchphrase "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit," Safire-steez. Unfortunately, our lack of etymological credentials shone through: we received several tips admonishing us for citing one of 2004's top Stiller/Wilson flicks, Dodgeball, as the original reference to intra-mouth vomiting. Apparently, the phrase has been irritating pompous, self-important/referential bloggers for much longer than that. After the jump, three alternate explanations, and an exciting opportunity for You — yes, the Time Magazine person of the year! — to decide which is right.

A Deeper Look At Bad Lingo: When Did We Start Throwing Up In Our Mouths A Little Bit, And Why?

Emily Gould · 12/19/06 09:30AM

We were so perversely gratified by your response to our rundown of Blog Media Clich s, yo. But we were left asking ourselves a tough question: did we screw up a little bit (ha!) when describing one of our gripes? If you'll recall, we kicked the already-down "[negative experience, situation, or description]; I just threw up a little bit in my mouth." But judging from commenters' responses, which ranged from the tasteful "I think I just shit in my pants a little" to the downright debonair "I just came in my mouth a little bit," we didn't even hate correctly: the phrase is, OBVS (btw, continuing to use obvs forever to save valuable typing seconds), "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

Bad Lingo: Blog-Media Clichs

Chris Mohney · 12/15/06 12:40PM

When you make words for a living, you will inevitably find yourself drawn into certain ruts of repetition. That's why you'll see the same tired clich