Bieber's Former Neighbor Sues Over Alleged Spitting Attack, Racial Slurs

Jay Hathaway · 03/20/15 09:15AM

Justin Bieber, transitioning into manhood before your very eyes on Comedy Central this month, won't be allowed to put his juvenile hooligan past behind him just yet. The former neighbor whose house Bieber famously egged is now suing him for an assault that allegedly took place two years ago.

When Neighbors Attack: Dr. Chynn's Hot Tub of Horrors

Adrian Chen · 02/23/10 12:09AM

As a Harvard-educated eye surgeon, Dr. Emil William Chynn has perfected the art of LASIK surgery. And after years of raging against the wealthy owner of a derelict building on his block, he's perfected the angry email screed. Behold.

NYC Apartments: Full Of Jerks

Hamilton Nolan · 02/17/08 09:30AM

It's time to play "Which snippet from the Times Real Estate section makes you most want to assault the person in the story?" There are two entrants this week, and it should be a tight race. First, imagine living next door to a pair of bastard attorneys who slip a note under your door saying, "As you may not be aware, we are both lawyers and both litigators, for whom the usual barriers to litigation are minimal." The crime? Purported secondhand smoke, which was purportedly "endangering" the bastards' four-year-old son, who I imagine is named Jebediah. The kicker: "The neighbor, a chain smoker, said she had tried to respond to their complaints and had even bought air purifiers to reduce the amount of smoke. But the lawyers complained that she had failed to provide them with receipts proving that she had made the purchases." I feel some serious assault coming on. But damn, how about this one: