This Guy Allegedly Assaulted His Roommate for Drawing Dicks on His Face, Was Booked with Penis on His Cheek

Camille Dodero · 03/26/13 05:32PM

Everybody knows the rules of binge drinking and bro-habitating: When you pass out anywhere beside your bed after a night of beer bongs and body shots and yelling at sports, you are fair game for a variety of pranks. You may wake up surrounded by stupidly placed bananas, or with cigarettes up your nose, or bearing a crude map of pee-pees all over your forehead. This is just the way it is.

Three San Diego Bus Drivers Probably Ate Pot Brownies, Then Worked Their Shift

Taylor Berman · 08/31/12 08:44PM

Three bus drivers in San Diego may have accidentally eaten pot brownies and worked their shift, before feeling "dizzy" and calling in for replacement drivers. According to NBC San Diego, the three drivers were all given brownies by another MTS employee. That MTS employee, the brownie pusher, claims that it was his roommate that baked the brownies, which, likely story.