The Year in Bears

Taylor Berman · 12/12/13 02:22PM

Bears! Sure, 2013 is technically the Year of the Deer, but what would the past 12 months have been without's groundbreaking bear coverage? Answer: Not much. So as Gawker Media's premier source for all news bear-related, we're proud to present: The Year in Bears, 2013 Edition.

A Bear Left a Bar

Sam Biddle · 09/25/13 11:17AM

On Monday night, a bear walked into an Alaskan bar. The bartender didn't want the bear in the bar, and told the bear to leave: "No bear! Get out! No! You can't be in here!" The bear agreed and left.

Maggie Lange · 07/16/13 03:19PM

Our favorite of these fantastic Alaskan brown bears in this live feed just caught a salmon after waiting all day. He has wandered out of this frame, but don't worry—there are still four other bears and some rando seagulls waiting for their meals.

Drunk Alaska Man Mauled After Feeding BBQ to Black Bear

Taylor Berman · 06/19/13 12:00AM

On Saturday, Jesus Mabalot, a 38-year-old resident of Anchorage, Alaska, went to his church's picnic at a state park campground. While there, he presumably mingled and talked with his fellow churchgoers. He reportedly drank throughout the afternoon, and, at some point, stuffed his backpack with BBQ. Then he split off from the group and biked down a nearby road, where he encountered a black bear.

New Jersey Children Forced to Shun Sad, Friendless Bear

Caity Weaver · 06/04/13 02:34PM

Bear the bear thought that, maybe, in New Jersey, he would finally make a friend. On Monday morning, he ended up in Montclair, not a bad little town, with its own art museum and a Whole Foods and big green backyards, perfect for a bear and his friends to play in. Scared and alone—his first time in New Jersey’s 60th-most-populous municipality—he began lumbering around, hoping that a friend would find him.