The Latest News on Bee Stings

Hamilton Nolan · 08/07/13 11:39AM

Summer is here, and that means you're probably getting stung by bees. Are you up to date on the very latest medical opinions regarding bee stinger venom delivery? Find out!

Tens of Thousands of Bees Found Dead in Oregon Parking Lot

Taylor Berman · 06/23/13 04:55PM

Last Wednesday, shoppers at a Target in Oregon were shocked to find tens of thousands of dead bees littering the store's parking lot. Environmentalists and scientists, while initially baffled by the deaths, now believe the bees died because of exposure to an insecticide called Safari, which had recently been applied to the parking lot's trees.

Tom Scocca · 03/29/13 08:51AM

The overworked and poisoned bee slaves that pollinate the almonds for your vegan milk are still dying en masse.

Here Is a Woman Who Stings Herself With Bees, Making Her Sex 'Great'

Rich Juzwiak · 02/21/13 09:55AM

TLC's weekly hoot My Strange Addiction profiled one of its wackiest specimens yet last night. Fifty-three-year-old Margaret is a ringer for Mackenzie Phillips who lives in Morningview, KY and stings herself with bees up to 15 times a day. It started as a treatment for her arthritis but then became a recreational activity. She describes the sensation as "peppery" and reports, "No two stings are alike but I feel relief from all of them."

Bees Are the New Terrorists: We Must Launch a War on Bees

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/12 08:31AM

Though our grandparents are often referred to as "The Greatest Generation," we, too, will make our mark in history as the generation that endured merciless war without end. First, the War on Drugs; then, the War on Terror; and now—everyone, please load your weapons—the War on Bees.


Rich Juzwiak · 05/16/12 01:41PM

The scene in the East Village this afternoon looked a lot like this one, from The Wicker Man. Traffic was at a virtual standstill as police worked to contain the massive beehive in a tree at Bowery and First. At least a dozen people filmed alongside me, plenty of more snapped pictures and even more passersby inquired what the hell was going on to the bystanders. One woman thought the building was being robbed. There was little to no buzzing heard.

This Manhattan Mailbox Has Been Completely Taken Over by Bees

Brian Moylan · 05/31/11 03:54PM

The sidewalk at Mulberry and Grand Streets near Little Italy was closed down for several hours today so that beekeepers could remove a swarm of bees that descended on a mailbox on the corner. Apparently this is a natural phenomenon that happens this time of year when hives get overcrowded. Well, just because it's natural doesn't mean it isn't creepy.

Eight-Year-Olds Publish Study in Respected Science Journal

Max Read · 12/21/10 08:58PM

"High powered" science journal Biology Letters is publishing a paper about the way bees use color and space to navigate between flowers. It was written by 25 co-authors, all of whom are between the ages of 8 and 10.

Trapped in the Cruiser by a Swarm of Bees

Matt Toder · 08/19/10 09:50AM

This poor sheriff in Wake County, NC got trapped in his car by a swarm of bees. 50,000 bees! Apparently, a truck hauling beehives malfunctioned and the bees escaped keeping Brandon Jenkins in his car for three hours.