The Loneliest Campaign Donors

cityfile · 07/08/08 09:18AM

There's one group of political donors that rarely receives any credit for their generosity. They don't get invited to any gala dinners or fancy cocktail parties, nor can they expect their checks to earn them any consideration when the next president is thinking about, say, who to appoint the Ambassador to Jamaica. They're the sons and daughters of the ridiculously wealthy, who kindly lend their names/identities to mom and dad so their hyper-political parents can direct even more cash to their favorite candidate. Of course, there's nothing illegal about any of this. Nor is it totally impossible that a 19-year-old college student would decide she'd rather give $4,700 to Hillary Clinton rather than, say, stock up on Juicy tracksuits. (Or Jared Kushner making his first big donation to the Democratic party when he was just 11.) Below, 2008 presidential donations by the children of some of New York's richest and powerful.