The Big Lebowski's Stoner Cottage Is For Sale

Max Read · 07/25/11 11:31PM

Hello, Big Lebowski obsessives! Are you feeling unsatisfied with merely dressing up like your favorite characters from the Coen brothers' stoner-noir classic and attending conventions? Why not go a step further and live in the Dude's house? It's for sale!

The NYT's Sad Attempt at Gettting Drunk

Sheila · 12/03/08 10:34AM

Today's Dining section of the NYT is dedicated to drinking and the "cult of the cocktail," which is sort of like Martha Stewart hosting a show live from a dive bar. I mean, there's an honest-to-God listicle in there about 8 Bartender Philosophies, and something about alcohol and bundt cakes. The most puzzling bogus trend piece, however, is about the popularity of the college-girl and manchild drink called the White Russian, which was apparently drank by a character in the excellent but ten-year-old cult move The Big Lebowski. That fact serves as the big news peg, as cult followers of the film regularly gather to imbibe what one enthusiast calls a "big boy milkshake."

Short Ends: Mii Donnie Out Of His Element

mark · 03/21/07 09:13PM

· We feel like we say this a lot, but the Mii Lebowksi is possibly the greatest thing we've ever seen. (Get a Wii and you'll understand, maybe.)
· Today in lesbian non-rumors: Carmen Electra, not all gay for Joan Jett.
· Vivica A. Fox: Still famous enough (barely!) to get her DUI onto
· Gawker presents this clip from Larry King's Greatest Moments Involving Famous Gold-Digger Prosthetics.
· Breaking! Jeremy Piven goes unrecognized on shopping trip, except by people who recognized him enough to later note his lack of recognition to gossip website.