Bill Hicks on Not Hating Jimi Hendrix

nightintern · 07/05/10 08:00PM

Bill Hicks, from his segment that got cut from the Late Show in 1993, examines and skewers things he hates. He, a respectable gentleman, does not hate Jimi Hendrix.

Bill Hicks on Non-Smokers

nightintern · 05/13/10 08:00PM

Bill Hicks really liked smoking cigarettes. He really hated sanctimonious non-smokers. In this clip, he explains why with a hilarious sarcastic wit that only he possessed (until he died in 1994 of, uh...cancer).

Bill Hicks on Positive Drug Experiences

Etan Berkowitz · 03/02/10 09:00PM

Bill Hicks isn't your traditional comedian because most of his material is actually inspirational. This piece is no exception when he talks about how all the moronic drug users are ruining it for the rest of us intellectual druggies.

Bill Hicks on Playing From the Heart

Jill Lawson · 01/17/10 09:00PM

In what is perhaps one of the greatest moments of all time, Bill Hicks singlehandedly decimates pop music culture and defines the meaning of a punch line. They don't make then like this anymore.

Never Piss Off David Letterman

The Cajun Boy · 07/22/09 08:29PM

John Michael Higgins isn't a household name, but you've probably seen him acting in Christopher Guest films and/or as Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Development. He also portrayed Letterman in The Late Shift, something he says Letterman still hates him for.