Donald Trump Deems Hillary Clinton "The Original Birther"

Christina Lee · 09/23/15 10:30PM

Today Donald Trump tried to give credit where credit is due. While speaking in Charleston, South Carolina, he mocked the “shrill” Hillary Clinton for denying that she started the birther movement, doubting that President Barack Obama was born in the United States before he did.

Donald Trump's Pretend Presidential Campaign Enrages Bill Cosby

Jim Newell · 04/07/11 11:15AM

Donald Trump's latest stop on his pretend presidential campaign that's solely designed to boost ratings for The Celebrity Apprentice was an interview with Meredith Vieira on this morning's Today show, where he discussed Barack Obama's birth certificate. He now has his own "investigators" in Hawaii digging around for it, and they "cannot believe what they're finding." That's hilarious. How is that not hilarious? Mitt Romney only wishes he'd thought of this first.