Don't Mess with Saif Gaddafi. He Carries Guns.

Ravi Somaiya · 11/25/09 03:27PM

Following our story about two of Colonel Gaddafi's sons treating America as their playground a magazine reports that Saif has been shooting up parts of Europe recently too, along with some intriguing playmates.

Media Bubble: Slow News on Good Friday

Jesse · 04/14/06 12:55PM

• Hachette looks to trim payroll costs (huh, feel like we've heard that before someplace); and Time's Jim Kelly throws a party for Joe Klein. [NYP]
• Feeling you haven't been reading enough memoirs lately? (And, really, don't we all feel like that?) Not to worry: There'll be twice as many next year. [WSJ]
• And the newspaper business continues to slowly die. [NYT]
• In new Howell Raines memoir, only two chapters of 43 are about the Jayson Blair saga. [E&P]
• Jann Wenner's longtime assistant is set to leave the company, and, remarkably for that shop, everyone likes her. [WWD]