Here is a Video of Famous People Dancing at the Grammys in Order of Decreasing Emotional Investment

Kate Bennert · 02/11/13 08:38AM

If we learned anything from the Grammys last night it was that Taylor Swift had the best time and Jay-Z didn't really give a shit. But not everyone could identify with one of those two extremes. In fact, one might say emotional investment at the Grammys existed on more of a spectrum. So in between your Taylors Swifts and your Jay-Zs you had your gum-chewing Adeles and your eye-rolling Lena Dunhams. But in the words of LL Cool J, "hashtag the Grammys hashtag equals hashtag music" and music brings people together. So despite the very different levels of enjoyment, at least everyone kind-of-sort-of danced to Bruno Mars last night.

Remembering Bob Marley's Mom

Hamilton Nolan · 04/29/08 04:12PM

Thousands of people in Jamaica turned out last weekend to celebrate the life of Bob Marley's mother, who apparently died earlier this month, in a development I totally missed. Her name was Cedella Booker, and she died at the age of 81, outliving her son by 27 years. Bob Marley, the reggae superstar who was (argument starter) the most notable musician of the 20th century, now leaves behind only his seemingly endless procession of kids to carry on his name—his British dad died in 1955. We should also note that Marley once had a brief affair with Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Noted! Anyhow, let's take a moment to remember Cedella Booker, who recorded two albums herself, and wrote two books about her son [The Root]. Her life produced a net gain in the world's happiness. How shall we memorialize her? With a video of her son singing "Natural Mystic," of course:

Bob Marley's Family, 'Star Wars' Geeks Finally United in Loathing for Harvey Weinstein

STV · 03/24/08 11:50AM

Still reeling from the shock of close friend and colleague Anthony Minghella's sudden death last Tuesday, Harvey Weinstein's hope for a quiet week around the office was vanquished late Friday as resistance mounted for two of his company's upcoming projects. And you have to know that when you've made enemies of groups as diverse as Bob Marley's family and Star Wars fanboys, things really aren't going your way.