Dominican Police Confirm Three Prostitutes Were Paid to Lie About Having Sex With U.S. Senator

Taylor Berman · 03/18/13 11:07PM

Two weeks ago, a report by the Washington Post shamed The Daily Caller by exposing their big story about New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and his (Daily Caller) reported fondness for underage Dominican prostitutes as a fraud. The initial Washington Post report cited one prostitute who recanted her testimony, claiming she'd been paid by a then unidentified lawyer to lie. The Daily Caller, amazingly, still stood by their story, saying the Post spoke to the wrong woman.

Senator Sex Scandal Escort Says She Was Paid to Lie

Max Read · 03/04/13 06:24PM

For months now, right-wing blog The Daily Caller has been pushing the salacious story of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and his taste for underage Dominican prostitutes—based largely on a video interview with two young Dominican woman who said they'd been paid for sex with the senator. The story wasicked up by every right-wing blogger and pundit in creation—and connected with another, less sexy scandal involving Menendez and a major donor, Salomon Melgen—gaining enough momentum to be mentioned more than once (albeit hedged) in The New York Times.

Neighbor: New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Screwed a Different Young Lady Every Night, Loudly

John Cook · 11/01/12 04:36PM

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez is the subject of a recent, much-hyped Daily Caller report alleging that he takes "sex trips" to the Dominican Republic, where at least two women say they were paid to have sex with him. Considering the fact the Daily Caller is a perverse joke run by a ruined prodigy, this may or may not be true. What is true, according to someone who was unfortunate enough to live in the unit below Menendez's Washington, D.C., apartment, is that he would bring home a different young, attractive lady almost every night, put on a little jazz, and fuck loudly until 3 a.m.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/31/09 06:56AM

Diane von Furstenberg's spent the past week on the slopes in Aspen; today she'll celebrate her 63rd birthday. Other people turning a year older on New Year's Eve: Val Kilmer is turning 50. Bebe Neuwirth is 51. Anthony Hopkins turns 73. Ben Kingsley is turning 66. Donald Trump Jr. is 32. Famed attorney Joe Flom is 86. Real estate developer Ed Minskoff is 69. Author Nicholas Sparks turns 44. Donna Summers is 61. Gong Li is turning 44. And New Kids on the Block alum Joey McIntyre is 37 as of today. A bunch of people celebrating tomorrow below.

Team Party Crash: New York Press Club Holiday Party @ Gilt

abalk2 · 12/21/06 05:09PM

Truly, it's the most wonderful time of year! Pretty lights twinkle down Fifth Avenue, ice skaters hold hands, couples cuddle over cups of cocoa, and, under the influence of this holiday cheer (or a few flutes of sparkling wine), politicians and the press, like lions and lambs, make peace to make party. Last night, we sent walking tragedy AngelinaWilliams and Gakwer shutterstud Nikola Tamindzic up to the New York Palace Hotel to witness this sign of the Apocalypse, also known as the New York Press Club's Holiday Party. Singing clerics can be found after the jump.