Hillary Clinton Just Received Her Most Important Endorsement

Jeff Ihaza · 04/06/16 10:20PM

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton often faces criticism for being out of touch with the youth. She doesn’t do a very good job making a case for the opposite, either, opting instead to ruin popular dances for everyone. Still, the former secretary of state just got the best endorsement a candidate hoping to inspire millennials could hope for—Bobby Shmurda.

Martin Shkreli Finds a Second Good Use For His Blood Money

Jordan Sargent · 12/16/15 06:38PM

Martin Shkreli has a lot of money that in a just society he would not have. He found a decent use for some of it recently, when he relinquished a reported $2 million to the Wu-Tang Clan in exchange for an exclusive album that is probably not very good anyway. But Shkreli has come up with an even better use for the money he’s making off the backs of AIDS patients.

Cops: Bobby Shmurda Tried to Have Girlfriend Smuggle Knife Into Prison

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/24/15 01:07PM

Prosecutors say rapper Bobby Shmurda is facing an additional seven years in prison after his girlfriend allegedly tried to smuggle a knife to him at Riker’s Island, where he’s been in jail for around seven months in lieu of a $2 million bail.