Is 'Twelve' the Worst Movie in the History of Sundance?

Foster Kamer · 01/30/10 02:45PM

Nick McDonell was 17 when he wrote 2002's Twelve, about New York's richkids experimenting with new superdrugs. Now it's a Sundance movie, by Joel Schumacher, starring Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Keifer Sutherland, and 50 Cent. And it sucks. Terribly.

abalk · 07/26/07 03:20PM

We'll keep saying it until you listen: You should be reading "Achewood" every day. Also, this would be a much better series than Harry Potter. [Achewood]

abalk · 07/18/07 08:34AM

"The Harry Potter mania drives me crazy. Our fake ending was fairly clearly fake, and if anyone was confused, they're just too stupid to be allowed on the Internet. I suppose some of the other 'fakes' were more malicious in intent. Our only malice is against adults who read books for 10-year-olds. And they deserve whatever they get." RELATED: Hermione is buggered to death by a basilisk. (Oops, spoiler, sorry.) [NYDN]