BP Oil Well Permanently Sealed

Adrian Chen · 09/19/10 11:20AM

BP's formerly-leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has been permanently sealed, with cement, 4 million barrels and six months after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, killing 11 workers. (The well hasn't leaked since July.) Remember that?

Did Lisa Lampanelli's Jokes at the David Hasselhoff Roast Go Too Far?

Matt Cherette · 08/15/10 10:55PM

Tonight, Comedy Central aired its roast of David Hasselhoff. And while roasts are known for offensive humor, Lisa Lampanelli may have gone a bit far, with jokes about the holocaust, blacks, Roger Ebert's cancer, Haiti, the oil spill, and more.

FDA: Don't Worry About Chemical Dispersants and Gulf Seafood

Jeff Neumann · 08/07/10 01:10PM

Now that BP's oil well is plugged, government scientists can start looking at what 1.8 million gallons of the chemical dispersant Corexit did to the environment, and seafood in the Gulf of Mexico. The FDA says don't sweat it!

BP Will Get All That Oil Out of (Underneath) the Gulf

Adrian Chen · 08/06/10 11:26AM

You didn't think a little once-in-a-century environmental catastrophe was going to keep BP from its sweet Gulf oil, did you? BP is definitely not ruling out a return to the Gulf reservoir that ruined our environment.