The Budapest Train Station Where Refugees Are Trapped, Scammed, and, Sometimes, Helped

Nicholas Cameron · 09/15/15 03:55PM

Standing on the platform in Budapest’s Keleti Station after guiding the final group of refugees onto the trains this past Friday evening, Ibrahim Kasem explained the situation to me. A kindergarten teacher originally from Syria himself (he speaks Arabic), Kasem is one of three translators consistently seen on the platform aiding refugees. He acknowledged that the shortage of professional aid was affecting their abilities to help.

A Stunning Time-Lapse Video to Restore Your Faith in Time-Lapse Videos

Max Read · 10/15/12 10:13AM

Time-lapse videos: they are all over the place, and they are all pretty, and at some point, aren't you like, "okay, I get it"? (As Dylan once sang, "How many time-lapse videos/Must a blogger post/Before he gets enough hits.") But! This one — Istanbul! Budapest! San Francisco! Vegas! Storms! The Northern Lights! — will restore faith in the power of streaming HD video and expensive "prosumer" camera equipment to even the most jaded time-lapse viewer, provided you turn down the shitty dubstep soundtrack and put on something good. Or you could just rent Koyaanisqatsi, I guess. [Reid Gower via Reddit]

Santa Clothes

Richard Lawson · 12/13/10 06:55PM

[Or lack thereof. Budapest's annual Santa Claus Charity Run streaked through the city yesterday. Photo via AP]

Blazing Saddle

Jeff Neumann · 07/17/10 02:13PM

[Hungary is in the midst of a heat wave, prompting the government to issue a weather alert. Some Budapest residents were undeterred and ventured outside anyway. Image via AP]