Fox Just Aired a Live Broadcast of a Car Chase That Ended with a Suicide

Kate Bennert · 09/28/12 02:58PM

Shepard Smith's face in this photo tells the story about this awful situation: Here he's seen immediately after Fox News had aired a car chase (live, without a delay) that ended with a suspect shooting himself in the head. Immediately after, they cut to a commercial about mesothelioma.

Six Men Apprehended After Robbing Bank, Tossing Cash Out of Speeding Getaway Car in L.A.

Kate Bennert · 09/12/12 02:49PM

After robbing a Santa Clarita Valley bank earlier today, four men sped off in a black Volvo towards downtown Los Angeles trailed closely by LAPD. En route, two of the robbers bailed out of the vehicle while the other two exited the highway and took to the streets of a Los Angeles neighborhood tossing "unknown amounts of cash" out the window. All six of the men involved in the robbery were apprehended after over an hour when a local guy in a silver truck cut them off and forced the Volvo to a stop.

Woman Who Flees Accident Scene Gives The Old "Melting Ice Cream" Excuse

Taylor Berman · 07/03/12 09:52PM

Flora Burkhart was driving home, presumably from the grocery store, when she rear-ended Derek Parker, who was just minding his own business in a turn lane in the middle of otherwise quiet, peaceful and picture-esque Van Buren, Arkansas. Parker gave chase and police eventually found their way to Burkhart's home, where total chaos ensued. There were shootouts and helicopters and hostages and...actually, there was none of that. What happened was Burkhart calmly informed the officers that, "I left because I didn't want my ice cream to melt," which, as excuses go, is pretty good. The officers cited her for leaving the scene of an accident and for following too closely, and then everyone went home and ate ice cream and lived happily ever after.

Topless Drunk Woman in G-String and Sneakers Leads Police on Chase

Max Read · 10/27/11 01:37AM

"What's Ohio like?" you might ask, for some reason. Well, this is what it's like: "Authorities in Bainbridge say that a drunken woman, who was wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels [Actually, tennis shoes — Ed.], led them on a high speed chase along Route 422 prior to her arrest."

Fleeing Driver Calls Cops, Asks Them to Stop Pursuing Him

Max Read · 09/24/11 01:15PM

Usually, when you're in a high-speed chase with the police, you only have three options: pull over and surrender, outrun the police and escape, or crash and die. But what if there were a fourth option?

Movie FAIL: Bullitt's Most Obvious Mistakes

Matt Toder · 09/05/10 10:00AM

Bullitt is a classic thriller; Steve McQueen plays the quintessential plays-by-his-own-rules cop and it features his beautiful Mustang in an incredible, unrivaled chase scene. But, just because it's a classic doesn't mean it's perfect.