Fashion Week Recap

cityfile · 02/19/09 09:33AM

Click through for a recap of the shows, parties, and gossip you've missed at Fashion Week thus far.

Sad Fashion Week's Relocation To Ruin Anna Wintour's 2010

Ryan Tate · 02/02/09 11:42PM

When Bryant Park Corporation tried to evict New York Fashion Week in 2006, Anna Wintour wrote to the mayor; the alternative, Lincoln Center, was said too small. Funny how a recession can change things.

Style Hits & Misses, Holiday Shopping with Mike

cityfile · 12/15/08 04:16PM

Glamour's list of 2008's style dos and don'ts is now online. We'll leave it to you to guess where this outfit worn by Jodi Marsh landed. [Glamour]
Marc Jacobs chats about his new Stephen Sprouse-inspired collection for Louis Vuitton. [SF]
• Carmen Marc Valvo has decided against staging a runway show at Fashion Week in February. [WSJ]
• Barack Obama has already picked out his tux for the inauguration, but a few designers share their sketches anyway. [WWD]
• Mayor Michael Bloomberg went holiday shopping on Saturday and picked up Diana Taylor a pair of $29.99 fleece gloves at Modell's Sporting Goods. Times are tough, clearly. [NYT]

Fashionistas in the military

Gawker · 03/04/03 03:17PM

Soldiers in Operation Enduring Freedom are coming up with creative new ways to pass the time, including a game they call "Fashion Model Bingo." Each participant picks a model from satellite broadcasts of recent fashion shows and the first to get an email back from their chosen wins. Designer Carmen Marc Valvo thinks it's a great idea. "If I were deployed overseas, that's what I would do." [Ed. noteThis sounds remarkably like a game I play as a freelance writer, where I send emails to people who don't know me and aren't likely to write me back. I like to call it "Magazine Editor Bingo."]
U.S. soldiers pass the time with "Fashion Model Bingo" [NCBuy]