Paper Cat Will Stop Flicking Paper When He's Good and Ready

Hudson Hongo · 11/14/14 01:00AM

In a perfect world, pets would only indulge in weird pet behavior up until the point it stops being cute and starts being annoying. Of course, we don't live in a perfect world, we live in one that's ruled by passions—those of men and paper-flicking cats alike.

The Most Adorable Cat Video You'll See All Afternoon

Brian Moylan · 01/25/12 03:37PM

I think cat videos are kind of stupid. "Oh, look at the cute thing this cat does. Isn't that adorable? I love cats." Please. Giggling at a cat video is like laughing at a fart joke. You can't help yourself from doing it, but you feel like an asshole for it nonetheless.

The Best Cat Videos of 2010 in 90 Seconds

Matt Cherette · 12/28/10 12:00PM

Each year, the Internet blesses us with a seemingly endless array of cat videos, and 2010 was no different! From cute to curmudgeonly, sappy to scary, tame to thrilling, and more, here's our compilation of the year's best feline-focused offerings.