This Is Why You Shouldn't Bring Your Cat with You to Yoga

Matt Cherette · 01/20/11 12:01AM

If you like to do yoga to stay fit, or sane, or whatever, then you might want to take a lesson from this video: don't bring your cat with you, because—if you do—it just may scratch your crotch.

The World's Hungriest Cat Is Also One of Its Cutest

Matt Cherette · 01/13/11 05:51PM

OK, so this is basically the definition of cute—and funny to boot! Watch as an adorable—albeit slightly pudgy—cat paws away at its empty food bowl, gives a look of despair to its owner, and repeats the cycle... adorably.

Cats Are Cuter with Oranges Stacked on Top of Them

Matt Cherette · 01/10/11 04:33PM

Here's a 30-second video of three really, really, REALLY cute kitty cats sitting still for their owner. Oh, also: the aforementioned owner spends the 30 seconds stacking oranges on top of the cat's cute little paws. BAWWWWW, amirite? Watch inside.

And Now, a Pack of Puppies Adorably Attacking a Cat

Matt Cherette · 01/04/11 05:44PM

Here's a video of an adorable pack of puppies adorably attacking an adorable—and annoyed—cat. It's set to music, too, so you know it's good. OK, enough introductions, how about you just come inside and watch it go down?

The Best Cat Videos of 2010 in 90 Seconds

Matt Cherette · 12/28/10 12:00PM

Each year, the Internet blesses us with a seemingly endless array of cat videos, and 2010 was no different! From cute to curmudgeonly, sappy to scary, tame to thrilling, and more, here's our compilation of the year's best feline-focused offerings.

Watch a Cat Try to Fit Inside a Water Bottle

Matt Cherette · 12/07/10 01:35PM

And now, for your Tuesday edition of "BAWWWWW!" there's this: William, a cat who is nearly too cute for words, tries for a good 45 seconds to fit inside his owner's Nalgene water bottle in the most adorable fail ever.

Adorable Kitten Does Not Want to Be Woken Up

Matt Cherette · 11/23/10 09:42PM

Meet Tosha! Tosha is an adorable little kitty cat. In this video, Tosha's owner attempts to wake him up—several times—with little success. Watch as Tosha covers his eyes, meows with exhausted disdain for his owner's interruption, and more.

And Now, a Cat Who Sits Like a Human

Matt Cherette · 11/16/10 05:59PM

As the owner of a dog who understands—and tries to speak—English, I am partial to anything that involves animals behaving like humans. Which is why this video, of a cat sitting up like a person, is so cool.

Big Macs and Little Kitties Will Make You Say "Aww"

nightintern · 10/27/10 02:50PM

Check out this amazingly cute video of a kitten playing hide and seek inside a McDonald's bag. If Happy Meals came with kittens like these, we'd all be a whole lot fatter, wouldn't we?

This Is the World's Longest Cat

Matt Cherette · 10/20/10 12:16PM

Longcat (context) really does exist! This is Stewie, a Maine Coon who belongs to a Reno, Nevada woman. Stewie was just confirmed to be the world's longest cat, measuring 48 1/2 inches. Inside, video of Stewie's record-breaking moment of truth.

Hypnotized Kitten Gets Her Ears "Scritched"

nightintern · 09/30/10 05:02PM

Fall in love with this adorably comatose kitten as she gets her ears scratched. The owner calls it "scritching," which might explain the kitten's reaction. Somehow.

Watch One Cute Cat Massage Another Cute Cat

Matt Cherette · 09/20/10 02:13PM

Cats are known for doing things that one normally wouldn't expect a cat to do. So, should it really come as a surprise that a video exists of one cute kitty giving another cute kitty a back massage? Watch inside.

Cat Can Haz Cheezeburger?

Matt Cherette · 09/15/10 01:15PM

If you believe everything the Internet tells you, then cats only ask one question: "I can haz cheezeburger?" Luckily for Mitten, the kitty in this video, her wish came true when her owner fed her one. The adorable video, inside.

Cat Makes an Accidental Swan Dive

Matt Cherette · 08/29/10 02:55PM

For this kitty, a hard choice must be made: will it jump into the sink, where a narrow garbage disposal may suck its paws in, or will it swan dive into a flip-top garbage can instead? Find out inside.

Millionaire Dipshit Ted Nugent Stands Up to Tyranny on Hannity

Jeff Neumann · 07/03/10 02:56PM

Ted Nugent was a special guest on Hannity last night, where he said "we, the Tea Partiers" are sick of Obama "spitting on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule." You tell 'em, Nuge!