Catholic Church Blames Hippies, Not Celibacy, for All That Kid-Molesting

Hamilton Nolan · 05/18/11 09:45AM

A lengthy, in-depth report on the child sexual abuse scandals of the Catholic Church—a report paid for primarily by the Catholic Church—has found that it wasn't the whole "celibate, sexually frustrated men in close proximity to vulnerable children" thing that caused all the molestation. It was hippies.

Warning: Celibacy Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Brian Moylan · 04/19/10 01:43PM

Celibacy is not the pearly-gated Utopia that so many Americans think it is. It's been a hit in our puritanical country for centuries, but with Lady Gaga on board it's enjoying a new hipness. This is a very bad idea.

Priest in Woman-Liking Scandal

Hamilton Nolan · 05/07/09 01:23PM

A Catholic priest in a sex scandal? Who cares, after everything we've already been through? Well this one is an attractive, popular man, caught with a not-underage woman. Let's condemn his normality!