Charles Forman is a Bit of a Fameball

Sheila · 06/17/08 02:31PM

Our newest person of interest is Iminlikewithyou's Charles "Chuck" Forman, who was recently featured in a techboy photo spread in Esquire and has been dating New York dating columnist and Star talking head Julia Allison for the past three months. Scratch that—he's a shameless self-promoter! SURPRISE. He also chills with Kevin Rose of Digg and hangs out at the Founders Club with headphones on. (And Julia Allison can't quite bring herself to call him her boyfriend yet—she recently blogged that "l may be a late blooming female commitment-phobe.")

Why are Jakob Lodwick and Charles Forman in Esquire?

Nicholas Carlson · 06/06/08 12:20PM

We don't own a smoking jacket or get manicures, so were unaware that New York wantrepreneurs Charles Forman of Iminlikewithyou and fired Connected Ventures cofounder Jakob Lodwick appear in the latest issue of Esquire until Forman pointed it out to us this morning. "Good to see you yesterday," Forman managed to say before asking: "Are you going to put my Esquire thing on Valleywag?" Fine. But only because it gives us a chance to examine what, exactly fellow wantrepreneur Julia Allison sees in him. Yes, the pair are dating. (Though we hear she sometimes forgets his name when introducing him at parties.)

Iminlikewithyou close to more funding

Nicholas Carlson · 05/20/08 02:20PM

Web videogame maker Iminlikewithyou is close to earning revenues — about three months away — and closer to landing more funding, we hear. When Jason Calacanis was in town earlier this year, Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman told him he planned to make money by selling gamers avatar and in-game upgrades. Forman is already funded by Betaworks, a New York-based incubator which has also backed Tumblr. A likely investor: SoftBank Capital, which is "very active in NYC right now," according to a source familiar with the East Coast VC scene — but we're now told SoftBank looked at Iminlikewithyou, and passed.

Help Charles Forman decide whom to love

Nicholas Carlson · 03/24/08 02:20PM

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Nicholas Carlson · 03/20/08 05:20PM

"Charles Forman is the most arrogant person I've ever met. Other than myself." — Jason Calacanis, on the tight-T-shirted Iminlikewithyou founder.

New York VCs know their bathrooms, bars

Nicholas Carlson · 01/29/08 02:24PM

So you're after venture capital and you want to know as much as possible about your potential investors before making your pitch. You could try following them on Twitter. But you might learn more than you wanted to.

Rackspace competitors loving the fail

Nicholas Carlson · 01/24/08 01:40PM

Silicon Valley understands competition, even schadenfreude. So you'll forgive Rackspace competitors if they're just a tad gleeful at the managed hosting firm's failures of late. "It was very interesting (and quite a pleasure) to read your blog about [Rackspace] Well done!" one such competitor writes in an email, here attached as image (click to expand). He goes on: "Would you mind forwarding this email (or making an introduction via email) to Charles Forman with" Well, we'll see do what we can do. Charles?

Four reasons customers hate Rackspace

Nicholas Carlson · 01/22/08 01:20PM

Managed Web hosting firm Rackspace took out Tumblr, the trendy blogging site, last night, 37signals on Friday, a bunch of U.K. sites in December, and most of the websites you care about last November. Tumblr announced plans to quit the service this morning and at least one other startup customer — Charles Forman of Iminlikewithyou — doesn't blame him. Here are Forman's four reasons why, in his words, "Rackspace f—-ing sucks."

I go away for two weeks and this is what happens?

Nicholas Carlson · 01/14/08 08:00PM

If you hadn't noticed, I got married and went on a honeymoon. Did you miss me? Apparently so. Gizmodo gets banned from CES. Golson asks Calacanis for a job. Our very special correspondent pickets against the new pay system. Where was Denton with the "too insidery" warnings? Oh that's right, blogging for Gawker. Here's what really happened during the first two weeks of 2008, according to a speed-read of my feeds. On my next honeymoon, I'm bringing a laptop.

In which I school Iminlikewithyou founder at his own game

Nicholas Carlson · 12/21/07 06:20PM

Here's the infamous Blockles, the Tetris clone from Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman. "I dont know what Tetris is," Forman told me. "Blockles is a falling block puzzle game." Right. One that I kicked your ass at, boyo. (Check out the sweet swap move I pulled about 25 seconds in. Bam.)

Startup founder inspired by VH1 reruns

Tim Faulkner · 11/14/07 04:56PM

Charles Forman, the Silicon Alley entrepreneur who has a reputation for being a jerk, is tarting up his auction and game-based dating site, Iminlikewithyou, with a loser-generated version of VH1's Pop-Up Video. While it may be a suitable distraction for Iminlikewithyou's juvenile audience, regrettably, the submissions — most of them currently provided by Forman — aren't nearly as clever as the original Pop-Up Video which hasn't aired in at least five years, and hasn't been worth watching for longer than that. But this has led us to a brilliant insight on Forman's grand strategy.

Iminlikewithyou's messy breakup

Nicholas Carlson · 11/08/07 07:00PM

Some of you thought we gave Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman too much credit when wrote that the creator of the online dating site might not deserve his reputation. "False," one commenter wrote, "he's pure asshole." Later, a tipster clued us in . "The only way you're gonna get the real story of why Charles Forman is a big ass jerk is to talk with his now ex-cofounder, Dan Albritton." So OK, we did.

Iminlikewithyou founder not as big a jerk as you'd think

Nicholas Carlson · 11/05/07 04:13PM

"I have a reputation for being an asshole," Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman told me at the Reddit party in Greenwich Village the other night. "I don't know why." Truth is, Forman does occasionally transcend his reputation. Witness, for example, this photo here where he wears a Mark Zuckerberg name tag. But, folks, after a quick look at the business card he was handing out Saturday night, you will at the very least be able to understand the roots of this misunderstanding.