What We Talk About When We Talk About Lame Headlines

Adrian Chen · 11/08/09 10:06PM

Have you noticed how much bloggers and media people like naming their work after Raymond Carver's excellent 1981 short story collection "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love?" They do. And they should please stop right now, please

The Charticle McCain Doesn't Want You to See

ian spiegelman · 10/04/08 03:54PM

How does "maverick" everyman John McCain stack up to "elitist" Barack Obama? Why, this handy charticle illustrating their assets in a side-by-side comparison speaks for itself. Spin this, you filthy rich basket case. Click through for bigger pic. [ProseBeforeHose]

The Hills Stars Are Paid In Reverse Order Of How Much We Care

Richard Lawson · 08/26/08 02:41PM

So we're a little late to the game on this, but salaries for each of The Hills' principles were recently leaked by In Touch and now we've got a handy dandy chart! (Made by our Photoshop whiz Steven Dressler.) Look at their big dumb heads! It's like some sort of hell-crafted Mt. Rushmore! And look, as the sizes get smaller, how much more we're actually "interested." I'd watch a whole show of Lo and Whitney (but not Brody. Never, ever Brody)! Though I am curious about someone like Spencerina, Spencer's dimbulb sister? Does she get paid or is she-Clint Howard-esque-just allowed to hang around the set, getting nothing more than a free sandwich each day?

Once beleaguered, now big league

Tim Faulkner · 05/30/07 04:54PM

As the market closed today, Apple, the iPod and niche computer maker, surged past the $100 billion mark to finish with a market valuation of $102.7 billion dollars.

Who's banned where

Nick Douglas · 04/06/07 07:49PM

NICK DOUGLAS — Thailand will continue banning YouTube even though the user who posted a video mocking the king has taken it down. (There are still two pics on YouTube, says Thailand, that harm the king's sensitive sensibilities.) But Google says they'll work with Thailand to help censor YouTube. So who's outlawed in what country? Where is Google banned, and where's it just censored? And what's with North Korea? Let's answer this with the magic of charts!