Insane Police Chase Ends After LAPD Shoots Armed Man 

Hudson Hongo · 02/09/15 09:30PM

On Monday evening, an armed man led LAPD on an insane chase involving four accidents, two escape vehicles and a carjacking before police finally shot and subdued the suspect while he tried to steal a third car.

Amish Teen Leads Cops on Drunken Buggy Chase

Max Read · 07/19/11 06:29PM

You have to be pretty stupid, or pretty drunk, to lead the police on a car chase. You have to even drunker, and certainly more Amish, to lead the police on a car-vs.-horse-and-buggy chase.

Amish Kid Leads Police on One-Mile Horse and Buggy Chase

Max Read · 07/20/10 08:05PM

This is Levi Detweiler, a 17-year-old kid arrested following a police chase last week and charged with possession of alcohol and reckless endangerment. And "overdriving an animal." See, he's Amish, and he was driving a horse and buggy.