Alumni Report: Dalton Edition

cityfile · 07/08/08 12:45PM

Dalton was in the news last week when it was revealed that not a single graduating senior had landed a spot at Harvard. According to Page Six magazine, at Dalton's graduation ceremony last month, "one mom was heard muttering, 'I won't send my grandchildren here, that's for sure.'" Fret not, Dalton parents! A long list of notable people have walked the halls of the posh school, even a few people (like Arden Wohl, left) who don't seem to be famous for any other reason than for wearing unusual headgear and attending lots of parties. A list of other Dalton grads after the jump.

Seth Abramovitch · 06/17/08 06:25PM

Chevy Chase has not been having the best of luck at his various public appearances lately. Following an incident at the Houston Museum of Fine Art in which the gala proceedings were interrupted by a piercing tone and the P.A. announcement, "Whoever took Chevy Chase's weed, he'd really like it back now. It's not funny, guys. It's for his glaucoma," comes this item from the NY Daily News: "Chase found an all-too-wild kingdom at the recent 60th anniversary celebration of Green Chimneys, the Brewster, N.Y., pioneer of animal-assisted therapy for special-needs kids. After grappling with a 15-foot albino python, the 'Funny Farm' star was invited to release a rescued red-tailed hawk. As the bird took wing, its talons nicked the side of Chevy's head. Good thing Chase was posing at the time with a crew of EMT technicians, who treated his scrapes." [NY Daily News]

'A Night At The Museum Without My Herb,' By Chevy Chase

Seth Abramovitch · 06/12/08 06:20PM

In today's exciting installment of the newest Defamer recurring feature, Celebrities Losing Their Weed Theater, SNL alum and deadpan, wayward man-child Chevy Chase hijacks a museum's P.A. system in pursuit of the quarter that got away. It comes to us via Popbitch: