Prep Schoolers Kick Karl Rove's GOP Tail

Maggie · 01/28/08 04:30PM

If only knew that all it took to push Karl Rove around was a bunch of pissed-off tony prep-schoolers. After student protests (and a Drudge link) the Bush advisor has backed out of his commitment as this year's graduation speaker at Connecticut boarding school Choate Rosemary Hall. You know, where Ivanka went? Aww, whassamatter, Karl? Can't take a little high-class heckling? [AP]

Why Was Dov Charney Expelled From Choate?

Emily · 04/24/07 01:05PM

The fawning description of American Apparel founder and noted perv Dov Charney's "meteoric success" in Choate's alumni newsletter perplexed at least one of his former classmates person, who has tantalized us with this tip:

American Apparel Was Born At Choate

Emily · 04/23/07 12:13PM

American Apparel founder Dov Charney is perhaps best known for two things: masturbating on his employees and being a hugely successful entrepreneur. The alumni newsletter of the fancy boarding school that he attended for one year would like for you to focus exclusively on the latter thing!