The Way We Used to Quarantine in New York

Michelle Dean · 10/24/14 02:30PM

So far, because there are only three of them, it's easy to feel reassured that those potentially and actually infected with Ebola in New York are in safe quarantine. Bellevue insists it had a biohazard protocol all ready and waiting; there is nothing to worry about.

Relax, People, You Will Not Get Cholera

Brian Moylan · 11/17/10 03:02PM

A Miami woman returned from Haiti with a case of cholera. The disease has afflicted thousands in Haiti, but there hasn't been here since the '90s. But stay calm. No matter what newspeople say, none of you are at risk.

Thousands of Haitians Sickened with Cholera

Jeff Neumann · 10/23/10 03:46PM

When people talk about Haiti, it's usually prefaced with something along the lines of "they just can't catch a break." Well, Haiti really can't. As of today, around 200 people have died, and thousands have been hospitalized for cholera.