A Discussion with Chris Crocker

Rich Juzwiak · 06/19/12 01:00PM

Me @ the Zoo, a documentary about Chris Crocker's rise to Internet fame, his "Leave Britney alone!" peak and its aftermath, premieres Monday, June 25 at 9 pm ET on HBO. Chris is joining us for a discussion right now. Below, let's chat with him about his inextricably bound life and career and let's not be dicks.

'Leave Britney Alone' YouTube Guy Apparently Doing Porn

Max Read · 06/18/11 02:58PM

Chris Crocker became the voice of a generation by recording a video of himself sobbing underneath a blanket and exhorting "you people" to "leave Britney [Spears] alone." And now, blond locks shorn, Crocker is reportedly embarking on the next phase of his career: Porn.

Did YouTube Kill the Webcam Star?

Alana Levinson · 04/20/10 12:00PM

Long before Justin Bieber was famous for his album and looking like a lesbian, he was just a little 12-year-old Canadian boy uploading videos on YouTube. But unlike the millions of others who do the same, Bieber got lucky.

Obama An Ivory Tower Puppet?

Andrew Belonsky · 08/28/09 02:02AM

Too bad wikipedia's enacting a new oversight committee, because now we won't get to read blatant political bias on our president's page. This "puppet" remark may well very be our last partisan slant. Democracy is dying.

YouTube Endorsement Puts Obama Campaign In Jeopardy

Alex Carnevale · 11/02/08 08:55AM

I write you, my friends, at a grave time in this country's history. Apparently people think they can just record any old YouTube endorsement of Barack Obama without the possibility of it backfiring and costing the Democrats the presidency. Ben Affleck endorsed John McCain for the greater good of the Democratic Party last night. If you're like him and you find yourself with a lower IQ than the norm and access to a video camera, don't post your thoughts to the internet, especially when those thoughts involve chanting, "Black Man in the White House!" Only the McCain campaign's lack of YouTube awareness can save us now.Can we really rule out that transgender YouTuber (and pop singer) Ms. Chris Crocker is a spy working directly under Karl Rove? Ms. Crocker made herself famous by netting millions of pageviews in YouTubes like "Leave Britney Alone!" Judge for yourself whether she made an egregious mistake in this one:

Chris Crocker Quits YouTube!

Richard Lawson · 07/28/08 01:02PM

This whole thing is almost too hideous and useless to report, but, again, there is no news. To use a Choire-ism, news dried up and blew away about a month ago. So in these sere times, I am forced to mention that Chris Crocker&mdashsobbing Britney Spears apologist and, like, half a tranny-has up and done quit the YouTube. That's it! Like Lodwick and Gessen before him, it's over! I mean, there is of course one last video (smeared across the white internet page after the jump) in which Ms. Crocks asks his "legion" of fans to take a "deep ass breath" (heh, ass breath) and bravely swallow the news that, though he is its biggest star in recorded history, he has decided to leave YouTube because... well, I don't know. It's not really clear. See if you can parse the video yourself. What's really important, though, is that he's launched his own website, affiliated with new and soon-to-fail social networking site ShareNow. In his inaugural blog post he writes, demurely: "Hide your momma's, your daddies, and most importantly- your boyfriends. My official site is almost ready to launch.. Kisses & Cumshots, Chris Crocker" So that's, um, gross and irksome. Good luck... you.

"The Best Way To Protect Her Is To Become Her"

Richard Lawson · 04/18/08 01:40PM

[Pretty pretty princess and Britney Spears apologist Chris Crocker in Lost Angeles yesterday. There are even worse pictures of this particular event than this one, if you can believe it. Image via WENN]

Chris Crocker Got 800 Thousand Views For Blinking Twice

Nick Douglas · 03/19/08 08:12PM

Ready the rage of the creative underclass: Chris Crocker says about this five-second clip, "The point of this video is to show that all I have to do is blink to get the video views I do." So far it got 806,112 views.

You! Can Be Chris Crocker's Boyfriend

Nick Douglas · 02/04/08 01:32AM

Hey! (Hey!) You! (You!) Chris Crocker wants a boyfriend! Background: He's still only famous for being the one Britney fan more disturbed/ing than Britney herself. Extra background: He is a he. The 19-year-old Crocker still lives with his grandparents somewhere in the South (hometown and real name undisclosed). But if you figure the kid's rumored upcoming reality show will turn him into a star, see his video casting call below. " I want a guy who is off his rocker for Crocker," he says, "who wants to fight for me tooth and nail!" Suitors can leave video responses on YouTube to apply.

Chris Crocker Is Back! And Disappointing.

Nick Douglas · 02/01/08 06:33PM

The effeminate young man who requested that the country lay off of Britney a bit has posted a video, the first one he's put on YouTube since his tearful plea of September 7. (He did post some others but immediately removed them, but this one's stayed up for a full day now.) In the video, Chris Crocker (still not his real name!) announces his return, shows us how scared he is, doesn't mention the reality show he supposedly landed two weeks after his rant, and sounds just like the passport-losing party-going indie filmmaker Arin Cromley. Also, fingerquotes! Which is why you should totally click through and watch.

Cheer Up

Richard Lawson · 01/23/08 10:35AM

Yesterday was difficult. It's always confusing and painful when our heroes fall. I know I want to start today with a little benediction, a hope that the machine will soldier on. To that end here is the latest from crazed uber Britney fan Chris Crocker. It will rejuvenate and elate you. Or make you get up and go outside. Either way, enjoy. [Oh, maybe NSFW? Depends on your employer's "gyrating" policy.]

Chris Crocker: Free At Last!

Choire · 12/19/07 09:40AM

Window-dresser and celebrity-potter lover Simon Doonan interviews Chris "Leave Britney Alone" Crocker, and the insanity!