The Crappiest New Years Ever Happened in A Cincinnati Newsroom

Joshua Stein · 01/03/08 03:20AM

While some of us were passed out and puked up on New Years Eve, at least we were wasted. That's something. Pity the employees of the Cincinnati Post, a 126-year-old paper that kicked the bucket on December 31st. Not only were they fired for the New Year but they couldn't even get shitcanned on their last day. The subject of a memo from editor Mike Phillips to the newsroom was Last Day; bleak and shitty are two words that describe the memos content: "[T]empting as it may be . . . please do not bring any alcoholic beverages into the newsroom. Let's go out like the professionals we have been these last, difficult weeks." Um, you mean miserable, worried, sad and full of dread without even the hope of a slug of whisky to dull the pain? Yes, I do believe he does. But it wasn't all bad news for staffers. They each got six copies of the final edition! Full memo after jump.