'Times' Metro Staff Must Blog More, Faster, Now!

Doree Shafrir · 07/02/07 12:00PM

Joe "Private Dancer" Sexton sent out a memo to his Metro staff this morning about City Room, the new blog headed up by Times favorite son Sewell Chan. Things are going swimmingly! Except it seems that some reporters need more than a gentle nudge to start contributing: "Expect that Sewell and Patrick and Jim and Lexi and I will be reaching out to you. We need breaking news updates; supplemental material that didn't make its way into the paper; off-the-beat observations and anecdotes; links to primary sources like Web pages and PDF's that can help the reader who wants more context; and more. Sometimes it's as simple as a phone call or email to us." (Wonder how the union feels about all that?) But Sexton, unlike Rick Stengel over at Time, hasn't resorted to threatening his reporters if they don't contribute to the website. Yet. The full memo follows.

Doree Shafrir · 06/26/07 11:54AM

'New York Times' City Room editor gets huffy when journo-novelist Pete Hamill says that bloggers aren't journalists. [NYT/City Room]

Doree Shafrir · 06/18/07 11:50AM

Sewell Chan's long-awaited New York Times City Room "news blog" launches; promises that "the emphasis here will be on reporting, not punditry or snarky commentary." [City Room/NYT]