Hellish Comcast Call Sets New Standard for Shitty Customer Service

Andy Cush · 07/15/14 08:30AM

As soon as the recording of this call to Comcast's customer service line begins, you understand how bad it's going to be. This is not a helpful, friendly staffer; this is the condescending, needy ex-boyfriend from hell, pitifully demanding to know why you're leaving him.

John Oliver Explains Everything You Need to Know About Net Neutrality

Jay Hathaway · 06/02/14 09:32AM

Net neutrality sounds boring, but it's the only thing standing between us and an internet where cable companies dictate which content goes in the "fast lane" (their own) and which will be delivered very, very slowly (Netflix). On the latest Last Week Tonight, John Oliver broke down all the ways major cable companies intend to fuck you, the consumer.

Is Obama Conspiring With Big Business to Destroy the Second Amendment?

Adam Weinstein · 05/01/13 09:35AM

In recent weeks, General Electric and Comcast have both ceased doing business with companies in the gun trade. One media outlet thinks it knows why: Unable to get gun control from Congress, the Fortune 500 firms are working with their favorite socialist president to eliminate America's free market in guns.

Welcome to the U.S. Copyright Alert System, Where Companies Can Slow Your Internet If You Download Illegally

Caity Weaver · 02/26/13 11:30AM

Hope you downloaded enough episodes of Game of Thrones Sunday night to last you the rest of your life; starting this week, the five major internet service providers (AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner Cable) have free rein to harass you with notices, block you from visiting certain websites, and even slow down your Internet speed if you are found (or suspected) to participate in illegal downloading.

Black People Getting Cable Channels Just as Vapid as White People's Cable Channels

Hamilton Nolan · 02/21/12 10:20AM

When Comcast acquired NBC Universal, part of its deal with the FCC was that it would "launch 10 new independently owned cable channels, with most backed by African Americans and Latinos, by 2018." Well. The first two Black People Channels have been announced. Black people, prepare for a fiesta of cable mediocrity!

Comcast Provides Free Roach Infestation with Cable Installation

Max Read · 01/04/12 02:55PM

Antonio Munoz of Aurora, Ill., "mite" have been a little bit "bugged" after Comcast installed a new cable box in his home! Why? Because it was filled with cockroaches! "Bugged"! Ha! No, literally, his cable box was filled with cockroaches.

FCC Commissioner Becomes Comcast Lobbyist After Approving Comcast Deal

Max Read · 05/11/11 07:52PM

You were, likely, worried about the ability of Comcast-NBC to push effectively for its interests on Capitol Hill. Sorry — we mean, push for the interests of American consumers. But worry no more! The cable giant has hired Meredith Attwell Baker for "a top DC lobbying job," and we have a feeling she's going to do a great job. You've heard of Baker — she used to be one of the Republican commissioners of the FCC. Four months ago, she voted to approve the NBC-Comcast merger? But that was four whole months ago, so Comcast probably forgot about it before they hired her.

Sam Zell Won't Be 'The Media's Bitch'

Hamilton Nolan · 01/27/11 02:16PM

In your ice-encased Thursday media column: Sam Zell is done with you media types, Comcast wouldn't dream of touching NBC News, rabbis (in the pocket of George Soros, commie Jew) hate Glenn Beck, and The Daily is coming next week.

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC's Messy Breakup

Adrian Chen · 01/22/11 12:36PM

Keith Olbermann unexpectedly announced he was leaving MSNBC last night. Olbermann is MSNBC's highest-rated anchor, and the main reason the network now stands as the left-leaning alternative to Fox News. So why'd he quit? Or was he fired?

Jeff Zucker's End is Nigh

Hamilton Nolan · 06/02/10 10:29AM

A deal's reportedly in place for incompetent NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker to leave the company "a couple of months" after Comcast closes its acquisition. Then he can become another vacuous, wealthy politician. The personification of the American Dream! [NYP]