Are Microsoft Execs In Open Revolt?

Ryan Tate · 07/22/10 06:30PM

Having been surpassed by Apple in smartphones, tablet computers and even market capitalization, Microsoft is reportedly undergoing something of an internal crisis: Senior executives are said to want to push out CEO Steve Ballmer. Oh, the humiliation.

Facebook CEO's Bathroom Breakdown

Ryan Tate · 05/06/10 01:18PM

Mark Zuckerberg was reduced to bawling on the floor of a restaurant men's room in April 2005, amid high-pressure fundraising, says a new book excerpt published in Fortune. The Facebook co-founder's head was down, his words were panicked.

Jakob Lodwick's Guide To The Pressures Of Fame(balls)

Foster Kamer · 08/15/09 01:15PM

Ousted founder of Vimeo, the Original Fameball, and now pointedly crazy internet personae Jakob Lodwick has finally written the definitive treatise on how to deal with the pressures he's experienced from "a prominent online gossip publication." And it's not terrible!

A Fameball's Slow Crack-Up

Ryan Tate · 01/25/09 07:20PM

Jakob Lodwick became a millionaire brokering hipster attention on video-sharing site Vimeo. Now, years later, the former dealer can't stop using, and it seems to be driving him crazy.