Real World Challenge Cutthroat: The Finale and the Reunion

Christopher Han · 12/17/10 12:40AM

The red team wins. Husband and wife (Brad and Tori), Dunbar, and Tyler. Laurel cries, karma restored. Abram and Cara Maria are still together. A video update from injured host TJ Lavin. Plus, Paula's boobs being squeezed together! All inside.

Real World Challenge Cutthroat: The Return of CT (Part 1)

Christopher Han · 12/02/10 03:10PM

Entering with blood-shot eyes and a restless demeanor like he has to pound someone's skull in, the infamous CT returned to the Real World Challenge this week. Psycho CT. The challengers just met their new alpha dog.

Real World Challenge Cutthroat: Rookie Mistake by Camila

Christopher Han · 11/11/10 02:50PM

Did you know two Real World contestants are married? To each other? Yup, Brad and Tori. Someone went after them and that was a mistake. Enjoy this week's freak out, brought to you by Camila.

Real World Challenge Cutthroat: The Tale of Ty

Christopher Han · 11/04/10 03:19PM

Do six-pack abs give some a license to be crazy? Well, nothing has stopped Ty thus far. On the latest episode of Cutthroat Ty gets eliminated for being all sizzle, no steak. Watch him be a psychopath.