Syfy's Arrival, Timberlake's Book & TMZ's Big Win

cityfile · 07/07/09 12:21PM

• The Sci Fi Channel is now called Syfy. It's pronounced the same way, except it's less science fiction-y, which is why it was changed to begin with. [THR]
• Justin Timberlake has tapped lit agent David Vigliano to sell publishers on the notion that Timberlake is just the person to write a book about golf. [NYO]
• After a heated, two-year battle, big record labels and online radio stations have finally agreed on new royalty rates for streaming music online. [NYT]
• Who says embattled media companies are doing their best to spend money more wisely? The soundstage for Jay Leno's new primetime show will be "specially fitted to accommodate his passion: expensive cars." [THR]
• "Online predators" have hit Twitter. Paging Dateline's Chris Hansen! [LAT]
• A new study finds that kids are spending more time online. Surprise! [AP]
• Equally shocking: Breaking the Jackson story has boosted TMZ's traffic. [AP]

Ad Pages Plummet, Mags Cut Salaries and Staff

cityfile · 01/14/09 12:18PM

• Bad news: Magazine ad pages were down 11% in 2008 and 17% in the fourth quarter. Good news: They now take up less room in your bag. [AdAge]
New York magazine is cutting editors' salaries. [ATD]
• Both OK! and the Star are laying off staff. [Jossip]
• Obama is expected to tap Julius Genachowski as FCC chair. [B&C]
• MSNBC plans to broadcast the inauguration at Starbucks locations. [NYT]
• Literary agent David Vigliano has filed suit against Lenny Dykstra. [NYP]
• John Mayer is taping a new pilot for CBS. [People]
American Idol's debut roped in more than 30 million viewers last night, but that's down 10 percent compared to last year's premiere. [Reuters]

David Vigliano

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:33PM

Known in the publishing biz as "Vig the Pig," Vigliano is the controversial literary agent who has repped tabloid fixtures like Jessica Simpson and Michael Jackson.

Rivers Cuomo Is Shopping His Memoirs

Emily Gould · 08/03/07 10:50AM

We hear that bottomfeedy lit agent David Vigliano is shopping Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo's journals, which, if they're anything like the rest of his creative output, started out world-changingly awesome and then became so lame they make Pete Wentz seem profound. Also, they're probably more in the vein of the essay about his battle with weirdly-defined celibacy he wrote at Harvard. Remember? "I didn't touch her down there, but I ran my hand up and down her arm, feeling her muscles tense up and twitch as she worked herself more and more furiously. She kept going until finally she let out a big moan and relaxed. I looked down on her, whimpered, and then fell over onto my back and stared at the ceiling, fire-like sensations bursting from every cell in my body." We can only hope there's more where that came from. Or, uh, forcibly-didn't-come from.