Mom Leaves Kid Outside a Bar, in the Rain, to Drink Beer

Lauri Apple · 08/20/11 05:12PM

A 34-year-old Florida mom has been charged with child neglect after allegedly leaving her five-year-old—who still requires use of a stroller, for some reason?—to wait outside a Daytona Beach bar called Crooks Den "for 20 minutes" while she drank beers inside.

Worst Babysitter Ever Takes Infant for a Ride in Bed of Pickup Truck

Matt Cherette · 08/19/11 03:31AM

For most babysitters, taking an infant for a ride in the stroller means securing the baby in one and then gently pushing the child down the sidewalk. For Florida resident Keyona Davis, it apparently means putting the baby and stroller into a truck bed and then taking the kid for a drive on some of Daytona Beach's busiest roadways. Davis was arrested and charged with child neglect on Wednesday. Video of her bad babysitting behavior is above. [WESH]