Supreme Court To Rule On Shit, Fuck

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/08 12:27PM

Vitally important issue alert: The Supreme Court may finally take up the case of when the words "fuck" and "shit" are allowed to be broadcast on network television. The justices could decide as early as today [LAT] to hear a case on whether it's okay for the occasional drunk celebrity to say "Fuckin A-right!" at an awards show, or if that should land the network a hefty fine. The FCC is like, fine the fuckers! But the networks are like, fuck that! It's a true shit storm.

No Underboobs at Grand Central

Chris Mohney · 07/07/06 11:15AM

Once again, the decency mandarins at Grand Central Station have dictated that while cleavage (both mammalian and assalian) and even the occasional side-boob are acceptable, the dreaded underboob featured (again) on the cover of FHM must be concealed by a newsstand modesty placard. Mediabistro notes that the August issue, featuring swimmer Amanda Beard on the cover — she's an Olympic breaststroke specialist, no surprise — joins the previous month's ish in the annals of salacious southern demispheres. What's not addressed is that the fountain of watery spray also visible on the cover appears to be jetting directly from Beard's groin.