All The Philosophy You'll Ever Need

Hamilton Nolan · 05/17/10 10:55AM

Rejoice, sheeple, because the NYT's blog called "The Stone" (HEH) is attempting to answer the eternal question, "What is a philosopher?" God, they go on so long. My fellow undergrad philosophy major dropouts already solved this ancient riddle long ago.

A Deep Thought for the Day

cityfile · 12/22/09 05:06PM

"Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider that the cast of Jersey Shore are all secretly a bunch of classically trained actors playing roles created for them and that we, those of us who love to mock and ridicule Snooki, J-Woww, Pauly-D and The Situation, are being played HARD?" [Animal NY]

Susan Boyle Is Everyone's Fault

Richard Lawson · 04/23/09 11:12AM

Oh no! Susan Boyle actually has been kissed. The overnight Britain's Got Talent/YouTube singing sensation lied! Or was joking. Either way, it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that we all stop the madness.

In This Economy, Is It Wrong to Spend Money?

Richard Lawson · 04/16/09 11:02AM

Salon's Cary Tennis and Slate's Prudence both hand out advice. Today, they happened to answer the same letter from a guy conflicted about spending his inheritance from grandma. Let's compare and contrast their responses.

Photo of Britney Spears In Tiny Car Makes Us Wistful

Richard Lawson · 06/06/08 01:53PM

We know it's been around the internet a couple times since yesterday, but we just find something so lovely and sad and telling about this photograph of a be-tube-topped Britney Spears, alone in a sea of asphalt, riding atop a tiny Escalade. Our Daytime Editor Alex Pareene says, "Here is your 21st century, America!" Here it is indeed. Puttering slowly in circles, bottled water clutched in hand, the hot sun beating down. Some days it feels as though we will do nothing else but form those lazy circles for the rest of time, until the day we all sigh, nod our heads, and disappear.

'TNR' Mocks Author, Goes on Forever

ian spiegelman · 05/10/08 10:20AM

Novelist Nicholson Baker's new non-fiction tome, Human Smoke, details World War II through a series of wispy, "Gawker-like vignettes" of 100 to 200 words each. The New Republic's Anne Applebaum thinks that approach is crap.

"Grey's Anatomy" illustrates Peter Thiel's Christian philosophy

Nicholas Carlson · 03/03/08 03:20PM

Facebook investor Peter Thiel plans to pay someone who adheres to a "specific strain of Christian philosophy" $100,000 to $200,000 a year to give away his money. A tipster tell us that the strain is Stanford professor Rene Girard's. Girard's big idea is something he calls mimetic desire, which posits that the only reason I want a Wii so bad is because everybody else wants a Wii so bad. This is called the triangulation of desire. Girard has a 52-minute clip on the Web in which he explains how the theory relates to Christianity. Or, there's this clip from Grey's Anatomy, which YouTube user nefariouscarrot claims illustrates mimetic desire.

Britney Spears: Philosopher

Richard Lawson · 01/25/08 02:26PM

I know you've been dying to know what Britney Spears has to say on the whole Heath Ledger hullabaloo. Well, she's finally weighed in and her statement is as sad, telling, and oddly beautiful as one could hope. When asked about the young actor's death she says, while sitting in her car and lighting a cigarette, in a strange British-ish accent, "He's still here. No one ever really dies." If you care to, it's about a minute into this TMZ clip. The rest of the video is pretty existential too. Sigh. [TMZ]

Emily Gould · 11/14/07 10:02AM

"Corporate entities are now kind of accepted in a way that's made them almost invisible to our sense of objective awareness that they're corporate entities," said Late Capitalism and Its Discontents 101 TA 'While You Were Sleeping' star Bill Pullman. Um, so ... what was he doing at a party thrown in honor of Tommy Hilfiger again? [NYO]