Fox News Ninja Expertly Foils On-Air Lip Assault

Neetzan Zimmerman · 04/23/13 08:08AM

While reporting from Boston on new bombing investigation details, Fox News reporter Mike Tobin — or, rather, his cheeks — were abruptly ambushed by two pursed-lipped live-shot invaders.

Recently Unearthed Spy Magazine Hatchet Job Helps Explain Why John Hughes Won't Return Our Calls

STV · 03/28/08 03:15PM

After receiving a lawyerly talking to and even getting within one very, very close degree of separation from our target yesterday in the John Hughes Q&A Challenge, we're convinced that A) John Hughes knows about our quest for answers, and B) he has absolutely no intention of or interest in playing ball. While our feelings are slightly tweaked by Mr. Hughes' unwavering rejection, we can't take it too personally. After all, if one of the last experiences you had with the press — recently unearthed from the Spy Magazine archives by Jeffrey Wells — labeled you as an "impossible" and "capricious bully" who was responsible for "childlike rampages through [Hollywood's] playpen," then perhaps you would refuse even the most innocent of media inquiries as well: