Our Next Dream Magazine

Choire · 06/13/07 04:50PM

Some afternoons, after the requisite low blood sugar-induced perusal of LOLcats, we turn once more to the serious problem of magazines. What do we want to read? Who can bear thumbing through a witty snippy front of book section? But then, who can bear a ponderous essay about boxers or ideas or colors? What all of us really want to read right now is something sexy, something that pulls its pants down a little—but that heavily edits its contributors (but its editors not at all!) and is also concerned about the ramifications of capitalism!

Our Dream Magazine

Choire · 06/06/07 04:38PM

Magazines. They just don't satisfy, somehow, all niched up and specific and all about one thing to make advertisers happy. Why can't magazines address the multiple people that we are? Why can't they reach, and stretch, and maybe purr a little? So finally we've designed our dream magazine. We seek investors who believe in the power of print!