Your Fat Dog Can't Get Laid

Hamilton Nolan · 05/03/10 11:35AM

Nutripro diet dog food puts things in terms that you pet-coddling, Snausage-tossing, pooch-fattening, smothering-with-love fat dog owners can understand: Your fat dog isn't fucking. And that's wrong. [Via Adfreak. Click to enlarge]

Upcoming Blog Considers Animal Sex Angle To Promote TBS

Hamilton Nolan · 02/15/08 01:09PM

"Funny" network TBS is planning to promote its "Sex and the City" reruns with a new sex-themed blog called "The Frisky." Which, judging by some screengrabs of the (unlaunched) site a tipster sent to us, promises to be excruciatingly folksy. The plan, according to the tipster, is for the network to let the site run on its own for a while before really integrating it into the TBS marketing machine. Maybe that will give them time to get the dog sex headlines out of their system. After the jump, screengrabs of the yet-to-be-unveiled site, including their political mission statement: "I so want to bone Barack Obama."