Mad Men: Fables and Threats

Matt Toder · 09/13/10 12:19AM

Mad Men followed up last week's exceptional episode with another moody and dark episode getting inside the mind of Don and delving into some dicey office politics. And, as usual, everything comes with a nice hint of dread.

Mad Men: Meeting in the Ladies Room

Brian Moylan · 09/07/10 12:30PM

Of all the relationships on Mad Men, Don and Peggy's has always been one of the most complex and compelling. On Sunday night, it got even deeper and served as a catalyst for their own personal development.

Mad Men: Let's Go Some Place Darker

Matt Toder · 09/06/10 09:34PM

Last night's episode of Mad Men was dense, contentious and extremely focused, it was unexpected and captivating. Instead of filling time with subplots, the episode was all Don and Peggy. And maybe it was one of their best.

Mad Men: Naked Ambition

Brian Moylan · 08/30/10 01:06PM

The sweet smell of success hung in the air when Don Draper won a Clio award on Mad Men. However the stink of ambition was also ubiquitous and the things people will do to get ahead were frightening.

Mad Men: Don Wins a Clio Award

Matt Toder · 08/30/10 12:00AM

On the night of its third consecutive Emmy for Best Dramatic Series, Mad Men got a little postmodern and delivered an episode about Don's Clio and the havoc it brings. Plus, Peggy pushes her new art director.

Mad Men: The Trouble with Sally

Brian Moylan · 08/23/10 12:09PM

Adolescence is never easy and when you have a shitty mother like Betty Draper, it's even worse. Don is also trying to bring his new firm into adulthood, but not without growing pains. It's tough for those Mad Men kids.

Mad Men: You Don't Have to Like It

Matt Toder · 08/23/10 01:30AM

Tonight's episode of Mad Men was about a lot of people coming to grips with things that they don't want to acknowledge. As we've seen before, the world is moving forward and it can't be stopped.

Mad Men: Out of Focus Group

Brian Moylan · 08/16/10 12:15PM

Our Mad Men had some big news and small victories as everyone decided between a traditional married life and the adventure of going it alone in a brave new world. Every decision will probably lead to disaster eventually.

Mad Men: Did You Buy the Pears?

Matt Toder · 08/15/10 11:51PM

Tonight's episode of Mad Men centered on Peggy and Pete and the continued the steady march to a fractured and painful future. The big changes in store for them, and perhaps all the characters, is self-realization. Let's get to it.

Mad Men: Shall We Begin 1965?

Matt Toder · 08/08/10 11:42PM

Tonight's Mad Men brought us into 1965 and the things that are about to come are taking shape. But, the past, as always played a large part, especially for Don, as he again must grapple with who he is.

Mad Men: Do You Feel Different?

Matt Toder · 08/01/10 11:10PM

Last week's episode of Mad Men promised a darker world for the show's characters and tonight's episode certainly delivered. Nearly everyone found themselves on the receiving end of some kind of abuse, mostly emotional, mostly derived from past choices.

Mad Men Season 4 Premiere: Who is Don Draper?

Matt Toder · 07/25/10 11:45PM

Tonight's premiere of Mad Men certainly didn't disappoint, as we're introduced to the new reality of the show; Don as a divorcee and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce just scraping by. But the central question still remains: Who is Don Draper?

Rubicon's Hero Is No Don Draper

nightintern · 07/25/10 11:15PM

If you saw the season premiere of Mad Men, you probably saw commercials for AMC's not-Mad Men-like conspiracy thriller, Rubicon. While trying to secure some post-traumatic lovin', it's clear that Will Travers needs some lessons from Don Draper.

Watch This 10 Minute Preview of Mad Men's 4th Season

Whitney Jefferson · 06/28/10 11:10AM

Excited for Mad Men's triumphant return to TV? Look no further than this extended preview of the season—which includes commentary from the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, as well as much of the cast in full costume.

The Cast of Mad Men Sings 'Bye Bye Birdie'

Brian Moylan · 04/07/10 03:12PM

As some sort of gift to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, everyone got together for a bit of drunken karaoke. See Betty and Don dance, see Peggy text, see Harry get naked! Oh, those kids are having so much fun.