Brad Pitt's Mom Writes Excellent Crazy Person Letter to Local Paper

Taylor Berman · 07/05/12 09:44PM

For those of us with family members prone to quasi-racist, half-coherent Thanksgiving dinner rants, it's a relief to know the rich and famous sometimes go through the same thing. Celebrities: they're just like us. Brad Pitt's mom is apparently just such a loon, although she's more of the letter-to-the-editor kind, which is dying art these days and should be applauded with a slow, cautious clap. Anyway, Jane Pitt, Brad and Doug's mother, wrote a letter to The Springfield News-Leader which, amongst other things, says:

Can We Live in a World Without Brangelina?

Maureen O'Connor · 01/25/10 04:18AM

Brad's brother thinks something's rotten in the state of Brangelina, but other rumors conflict. Jersey Shore drives a hard bargain and risks getting shut out. Gary Coleman gets arrested. ScarJo on stage gets a rave review. Monday gossip starts now.

The Sad, Sad Life of the Celebrity Sibling

Brian Moylan · 07/23/09 11:23AM

They walk the red carpet, they are stalked by the paparazzi, but no one knows their names or cares who they are. Yes, here are the lesser-known celebrity siblings—unlucky to not be famous, lucky to share fame's lifestyle.