Peggy Noonan's Ebola Fever Dream

Hamilton Nolan · 10/10/14 12:11PM

Breathy Reaganite Peggy Noonan is more than a doddering captive of her own apartment, peeking around corners for imaginary spirits that haunt her. She is also an expert on infectious disease screening processes. And a land, that we call, America.

Living Being Needlessly Dies of Ebola—Wait, Keep Reading, It's a Dog

Jordan Sargent · 10/08/14 02:25PM

An innocent four-limbed creature succumbed to Ebola this afternoon after days of intense public outra—wait, wait a second, we're not talking about an African person here. Open that tab back up. Can you hear me? It was a dog. A DOG. A poor, adorable, defenseless pup who never did anything wrong in this cruel world.