Suicide Bomber Attacks Tourist-Friendly Egyptian Temple 

Allie Jones · 06/10/15 07:58AM

Three militants, including one wearing an explosive belt, approached the entrance to the Temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt, this morning but were stopped by police. The temple is a popular tourist attraction. While no tourists were hurt, the militant did detonate his bomb, wounding two police officers and two civilians, per The BBC.

Egypt Sentences U.S. Citizen to Life in Prison

Brendan O'Connor · 04/11/15 12:15PM

On Saturday, an American citizen, Mohamed Soltan, was sentenced to life imprisonment in Egypt for his support of an Islamist protest in the summer of 2013, the New York Times reports. The presiding judge sentenced more than 35 other defendants in the case to the same penalty, while fourteen senior members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced to death, Reuters reports.

Israel and Hamas Consider Ceasefire Plan Offered by Egypt

Aleksander Chan · 07/14/14 06:12PM

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has proposed a ceasefire to the deadly attacks raged between Israel and Hamas, calling for a halt to further offensives until a truce can be negotiated. The Israeli government and leaders of Hamas have reportedly said they will consider the offer.

Egyptian President Won't Pardon Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists

Allie Jones · 06/24/14 10:35AM

Newly-inaugurated Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi says he will not pardon the three Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to jail yesterday for conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood to report false news. "If we desire [strong] state institutions, we must respect court rulings and not comment on them even if others don't understand these rulings," he said last night, according to the Associated Press.

Egyptian Court Sentences Al Jazeera Journalists to Seven Years in Jail

Allie Jones · 06/23/14 06:53AM

Three Al Jazeera journalists were convicted this morning in Cairo of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood to broadcast false news. Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Peter Greste were sentenced to seven years in jail, and Baher Mohammed was sentenced to 10 years—the three additional years were for "possession of ammunition."

What Did Egyptian Jailers Do to This Al Jazeera Journalist?

Adam Weinstein · 06/17/14 12:58PM

Abdullah Elshamy, an Al Jazeera reporter who has been in jail in Egypt on trumped-up charges for nearly a year, has been ordered released on account of his failing health, and judging from before-and-after photos of Elshamy, it's clear that his release is an urgent matter.

Egypt Wants YouTube to Take That Mass Rape Video Down

Allie Jones · 06/13/14 09:25AM

Egyptian authorities have asked YouTube to remove a video of a 19-year-old student being sexually assaulted by at least seven men and dragged through Tahrir Square during the weekend's inaugural celebrations. A spokesman for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi confirmed to Reuters that the victim herself wants the video to be taken down.