Why Canadian Tar Sands Have Become a Major Issue for Obama

Jim Newell · 08/26/11 03:41PM

For six days and counting now, hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the White House to demand President Obama intervene and stop the construction of an oil pipeline that will span the breadth of the United States — from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico. Over 300 of them have been arrested — and not just wild-eyed idealistic college students, but high-profile advocates including environmental leader Bill McKibben. Despite all this, the administration says this is a question for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Kids Sue Government For Being Mean to Earth

Hamilton Nolan · 05/05/11 08:18AM

Often, kids these days are pessimistic; they don't think they have the power to change anything. But one plucky group of teens is standing up for themselves, by suing the U.S. government for not protecting the earth. Whoa, citizens!

We're Willing to Spend Up to $0 Extra on 'Green' Products

Hamilton Nolan · 04/22/11 12:12PM

Not too many years ago, the American economy was booming, and a population engorged with internet-stock money began moving to Berkeley, buying solar panels, and proclaiming that its consumer products needed to be "green," for the sake of saving the earth. "Money is no object!" proclaimed the typical American consumer, circa 2007. "My household cleaner must be 'green' certified, for what price is too high to pay to save the earth, while cleaning? That is a silly, rhetorical question."

Making Factory Farms Look Bad Could Soon Be Against the Law

Hamilton Nolan · 04/14/11 09:19AM

If there's one issue related to factory farming that our nation's legislators need to address, it's the extreme perils of... people filming what's going on at factory farms, and showing the public. Iowa will put a stop to this!

This Place Is a Dump!

Brian Moylan · 01/20/11 06:45PM

[One of the suites at the new Beach Garbage Hotel in Madrid, Spain, which was made entirely out of trash and constructed to draw attention to pollution in the world's oceans. A picture of the hotel's exterior below.]

Fancy New Light Bulbs Not as Awesome as We Thought

Hamilton Nolan · 01/19/11 03:34PM

In three more years, you literally will not be able to purchase a good old-fashioned light bulb any more. It'll be 100% twisty, pale CFL bulbs. Which, they now tell us, aren't as amazing as promised.

All Your 'Environmentally Friendly' Products Are Lying

Hamilton Nolan · 10/26/10 10:09AM

Guilty Americans enjoy nothing more than assuaging our collective guilt over raping the earth by purchasing "green" products, with labels helpfully telling us how these "green" products are saving the planet. Too bad they're almost all fake, somehow.

Environmentalists Make Exception For Little Plastic Coffee Cups

Hamilton Nolan · 08/04/10 10:00AM

I'm no "LEED certified environmental consultant" or "person with a grasp of basic science," but it seems to me that brewing coffee one cup at a time via disposable plastic "K-cups" is a mite wasteful. Well, that's just "consumer perception."