You're Not Good Enough to Fetch Eric Alterman's Dry Cleaning

Jesse · 07/27/05 11:15AM

It's a tough time to be an aspiring public intellectual. You've got the master's, you've got the recognized byline, and you discover those things qualify you for what exactly? To be lefty pundit Eric Alterman's researcher/secretary. According to an email forwarded to us last night:

Eric Alterman, starfucker

Gawker · 04/09/03 02:36PM

A unidentified friend on commentator and author Eric Alterman: "He is the worst name-dropper in the world-because he only uses first names. He'll say, 'Oh, I had dinner with Paul [Newman] and Joanne last night...' He is a huge literary starfucker."
The avenging Alterman [Observer]