It's a Girl!

cityfile · 07/23/08 02:03PM

Reps for Ethan Hawke have confirmed that the actor's wife (and the former babysitter of his two kids with ex-wife Uma) gave birth to a baby girl last Friday. Welcome to the world, Clementine Jane Hawke! [People]


cityfile · 07/21/08 01:11PM

Keri Russell taking a stroll through Chelsea with her son ... Ethan Hawke and his very pregnant wife Ryan taking their puppy on a walk through the Village ... David Schwimmer walking through the meatpacking district on the way to the gym ... Madonna and the kids arriving at the Kabbalah Center on the UWS ... Sandra Bernhard leaving the same center a few hours later ... America Ferrera walking to the Ugly Betty set, coffee cup in hand ... Kirsten Dunst taking a stroll downtown ... Lady Bunny striking a pose ... Kelly Osbourne heading out for a night of partying with her boyfriend ... Alex Rodriguez walking to dinner with a few pals.


cityfile · 07/14/08 01:04PM

Anne Hathaway carrying a bouquet of flowers and an iced coffee ... Maggie Gyllenhaal and daughter Ramona going for a walk in Brooklyn ... Lourdes Leon with dad Carlos leaving Madonna's Central Park West apartment ... Madonna and Guy Ritchie walking in the street instead of the sidewalk in Midtown ... Lauren Conrad and crew boarding a sea plane, en route to the Hamptons ... Jennifer Lopez on the set of an Elle photo shoot with Oscar de la Renta ... Newlyweds Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes walking their dog through the Village.

Uma Has Rich Fiancé, Underminey Friends

cityfile · 07/10/08 05:41AM

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's divorce was so bitter that they both vehemently declared they would never marry again. Time heals all wounds, it seems. While Ethan just had a quickie ceremony with Ryan "the nanny" Shawhughes, Uma is enjoying a glitzy high-profile engagement to European financier Arki Busson, Elle Macpherson's ex and baby daddy. Arki and Uma are photographed daily, he's got bundles of money, she's got an eight-carat diamond ring, so there couldn't really be a downside to this for Uma, right? Wrong! At least according to the Daily Mail, which managed to locate a bunch of unnamed (but bitchy and indiscreet) friends. You see, sex-symbol Uma is frankly lucky to have found a man who'll give her a chance. "Men have let her down in a big way," points out "an admirer." "So to find a genuine, charitable guy like Arki who is so obviously crazy about her is a blessing—and she knows it." Yes, especially having spent the previous three years with total nobody Andre Balazs.

Graydon Carter's Delicate Sensibilities Offended

Ryan Tate · 06/04/08 06:57AM
  • Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter blasts back at Clinton: "The responses from the former president and his camp are very saddening in their own ways. Characteristic, but nevertheless shocking." [Observer]

Gattaca. Remember That?

Valerie Flame · 04/02/08 03:37PM

Who's had it better after the breakup? If you can't tell from the photo, our stalker and a delivery guy can explain it to you, after the jump.

So This Is What It Feels Like When Doves Cry

Douglas Reinhardt · 03/20/08 03:45PM

Ethan Hawke was spotted meeting a future version of himself in the meatpacking district of New York City. Future Ethan Hawke, who has travelled back in time seven years, asks present Hawke to stop losing parts to Josh Brolin. He also reassures him that it's okay to do a big studio picture every now and then. Before returning back to 2015, Future Ethan Hawke tells him that our work would one day be appreciated, especially their literary efforts, then quickly added to seriously think about it the next time an offer to do a cable TV series comes in.

Ethan Hawke To Have Another Baby Hawke

Joshua David Stein · 01/31/08 05:41AM

Auden-reading Uma-ex Ethan Hawke is going to be a father, for the third time. The mother of this child is his girlfriend Ryan Shawhughes who, as one with a keen sense of history might remember, was the nanny of his two older children with Ms. Thurman. In other news, I just saw an Virgin Media ad here which featured Uma Thurman in a wind tunnel. It's a close up of her face as the wind forces her cheeks to ripple back like sails. It's at once frightening, strangely alluring and intimidating. All reasons, I posit, that Hawke might have gone for and impregnated the somewhat less challenging nanny.

mollyf · 01/30/08 06:12PM

Hey, if Woody Allen can get away with schtupping his adopted daughter and later having one big happy family with her, surely rumored rascal Ethan Hawke can be forgiven for knocking up his (and Uma's) former nanny, right? The Gen X posterboy and girlfriend Ryan Shawhughes announced today that another baby Hawke is on the way, his third (Maya, 9, and Levon, 6, are his kids from his marriage to Uma). For those of you keeping score at home, this makes Hawke the third well-known actor (following David Spade and Matthew McConaughey) to spend the last few months of 2007 completely and totally rubberless. Congrats! [US Magazine]

Ethan Hawke

cityfile · 01/25/08 11:30PM

Hawke is the sincere and scruffy actor/novelist/Gen-X icon who was previously one-half of an NYC power couple with Uma Thurman.

seth · 12/31/07 03:04PM

Because there's literally minutes left to the end of the year, and we'd like to leave you all with nice things, here's a photo of proud new dads Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke. Mark, she has your eyes, and Ethan, she has your ears. We couldn't be happier for you. [WOW Report]

abalk · 10/04/07 09:20AM

"Directed by Ethan Hawke. Co-starring Ethan Hawke. Adapted by Ethan Hawke from the autobiographical novel by... Ethan Hawke. If these words, which describe The Hottest State, do not fill you with dread, you're made of sterner stuff than I." That's how Christopher Orr's review of Ethan Hawke's new film starts; you can imagine where it goes from there. [TNR]

Ethan Hawke On The Difficulty Of Loving A More Successful Actress

seth · 08/17/07 07:39PM

As much as we'd like to see our favorite celebrity marriages succeed, the sad truth is that the majority of romantic unions featuring one or more paparazzi-targets will end in crushing disappointment, as the two slowly come to realize that the disparity in their per-picture asking prices has wedged a permanent rift between them. Still, like so many other blatantly obvious yet unspoken Hollywood truths, that fact is never actually addressed. Instead, we get familiar clichés like "irreconcilable differences," and publicist mainstay, "the two remain great friends"—all of which makes the former Mr. Uma Thurman's candidness on the subject at a recently taped episode of Shootout all the more refreshing:

Is Courtney Thorne-Smith The Author Of The Next Great American Celebrity Novel?

Emily Gould · 07/27/07 09:10AM

"Fall," which now begins in late summer, has traditionally been the season when publishers bring out their heavy hitters. For Random House imprint Broadway, this fall's lead title is one of the most exciting they've ever published. It's by "one of America's most beloved television actresses" who "has had roles on (among other shows) 'Melrose Place' and 'According to Jim.'" Yes, we are talking about the debut novel of none other than Courtney Thorne-Smith, who, according to industry insiders, actually wrote the entire thing all by her own self. We don't yet have an advance reader's copy, so the book's description from Amazon will have to be what helps you determine where Thorne-Smith fits on the Paulina Porizkova-Ethan Hawke continuum.

Zach Braff Stalker Sightings Are Banned Forever

Emily Gould · 06/07/07 02:50PM

Our Stalkettes' very well-reasoned argument that Zach Braff is without worth really struck a chord with us. It also made us think about how incredibly sick we are of reading basically the same sighting of the Jerseyan ass-grabbing menace over and over again. "Saw Zach Braff the other night outside of the Beatrice Inn talking to
a pretty girl." "Saw Zach Braff at anotheroom in Tribeca...he was sitting with a young lady who was glowing just to be with him." "Zach Braff having dinner at Pastis. He arrived with a pretty girl and they joined a group of friends." And of course, "Zach Braff hanging out with an attractive petite blonde babe at the end of the bar at La Esquina." We get it. A babe is to this dude what a hockey stick is to Mike Meyers, and to be honest, these sightings make us pine for the latter. At least Mike is sort of funny. So keep your Zach Braff knowledge locked up inside next to your Ethan Hawke knowledge from now on! BANNED!

Ethan Hawke Reads Poetry, Auden Rolls Over In Grave

Joshua Stein · 04/12/07 03:00PM

Last night the Academy of American Poets invited a number of noted intellectuals to read their favorite poems in front of a sea of old people at Lincoln Center. Historians David Halberstam and Simon Schama were there, ditto Dr. Bill Baker and of course, Ethan Hawke. Yes, by all of today's standards the star of Reality Bites is a public intellectual. And so we listened as the former Mr. Uma Thurman read his favorite poem, As I Walked Out One Evening. His stentorian voice soared through the auditorium. His limber tongue made quick work of Auden's trochees and spondees and thankfully, Gawker's Richard Blakeley was there to get it all on VHS.

Uma's Crib Formally De-Ethaned at Last

Chris Mohney · 08/18/06 04:10PM

For a mere $2.5 million, My Super Ex-Girlfriend's Uma Thurman has finally pried her super-poseur ex-husband Ethan Hawke out of their Third Avenue apartment. Hawke hadn't resided there for some time of course, but now at least Thurman holds clear title to the joint she and Hawke nabbed in 2000. A nice chunk of change for Hawke, anyway. No wonder Thurman has to work for that sexual assault guy just to keep bringing home the bacon.

Sid & Nancy En Suite

Chris Mohney · 07/10/06 01:10PM

This week's Time Out New York is full of chirpy advice about crime-themed "staycations," where one can exult in the city's summertime calm by seeking out locales famous for scandal, pain, suffering, and/or death. For example:

More Cannes Controversy: 'Fast Food Nation' Premieres

Seth Abramovitch · 05/18/06 03:10PM

Another contentious film is set to premiere at Cannes tomorrow night, though the religious suppositions challenged in Fast Food Nation—a fictionalized movie starring Ethan Hawke based on the non-fiction best seller—are about America's blind worship of fast food behemoth chains and their conveniently numbered combo menus. And while the industry's deeply vested interests haven't rallied a counterattack to match the scale of that of Da Vinci's devout detractors, as the WSJ reports, they still don't plan on letting Nation premiere without a fight: