Georgia Plans to Execute a Mentally Retarded Man Tomorrow [Updated]

Hamilton Nolan · 07/17/12 01:07PM

Warren Hill (pictured) was convicted of a 1985 murder, and was sentenced to death after being convicted of beating a fellow inmate to death in 1990. He is scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia tomorrow evening. Warren Hill's IQ is 70. He has been found by a court to be mentally retarded. Georgia plans to kill him anyhow.

Texas Ends Special Last Meals for Death Row Inmates

Jim Newell · 09/22/11 04:40PM

It's just not good enough to kill them, in Texas. Because following last night's execution of Lawrence Brewer, a white supremacist who killed a black man by dragging his body from the back of his pick-up truck and eventually severed his head, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice has decided to stop granting special "last meals" to those being executed. Brewer's meal, see, was over-the-top!

Maybe Georgia Will Execute an Innocent Man

Lauri Apple · 09/10/11 03:29PM

Texas shouldn't be the only U.S. state that gets to execute innocent people, right? That's what the jealous state of Georgia seems to be saying in planning to execute Troy Davis, convicted of murdering a police officer in 1991 and possibly innocent of the crime.

First Videotaped Execution in 20 Years Postponed For Reasons Unknown

Seth Abramovitch · 07/21/11 04:09AM

Andrew DeYoung was to be executed via lethal injection on Wednesday night in Georgia — an execution of some historic significance, in that it was to be the first to be videotaped in nearly two decades. But his execution was postponed at the last minute, and officials aren't saying why.

Mark Stroman Will Die Tomorrow

Remy Stern · 07/19/11 02:38PM

Tomorrow, the state of Texas will kill Mark Stroman by means of lethal injection. Today, a man he tried to murder, Rais Bhuyian, is praying Texas will spare Stroman's life.

George W. Bush Failed to Stop Another Flawed Texas Execution

Jim Newell · 11/12/10 03:02PM

Here's the latest horror story about Texas' justice system, where the same tale never ceases to shock: A convicted murderer executed in 2000, after being denied a crucial last-minute DNA test by Gov. George W. Bush, may have been innocent.

Google Accidentally Supported Executions

Ryan Tate · 10/28/10 05:51PM

Google helped create an ad calling for California's "worst criminals" to get the death penalty, with "no exceptions." But it was inadvertent; Google doesn't even support sentencing people to death. Whoops.

Brazen Manhattan Execution-Style Murders Still a Mystery

Hamilton Nolan · 10/05/10 08:52AM

Two men found shot dead execution-style in their SUV near Union Square in Manhattan yesterday were each witnesses to separate murders in NYC last year—but cops don't think that's why they were killed.

First Woman Executed by Virginia In 100 Years

Adrian Chen · 09/23/10 09:34PM

41-year-old Teresa Lewis died tonight by lethal injection in Virginia. She offered sex and money to two men in exchange for killing her husband and stepson, though her defense attorney claimed she was borderline mentally-disabled.