Actress Tweets Topless Pic at Random, Overjoyed Fan

Maureen O'Connor · 01/09/12 11:33AM

Perpetual sexy schoolgirl AnnaLynne McCord, who regularly makes out with her sister in front of cameras, took a topless picture of herself last night and tweeted it at a random fan, who apparently sat in dumbfounded silence when she saw the "gift" AnnaLynne had tweeted at her. "@IAMannalynne <333 ahh thanks! you are so sweet! and thats definitely a great picture!," replied @Meganrae, a random girl from Colorado with a Blogspot about nail polish.

Sickos Derive Pleasure From Public Sex; Police Baffled

Hamilton Nolan · 07/28/08 11:25AM

Outrage: people are making porn films at WWI monuments! At the Canadian National Vimy Memorial (pictured), a couple "stripped naked and performed sex acts beside the soaring stone structure," taped it, and put it on an online pay site. A police spokesman said, "It is a problem which appears to be getting worse -people appear to get a perverse pleasure out of this behaviour." Strange! Only a freak could believe that this noble structure's design connotes sexual organs somehow. But you have to think: if the spirits of all those deceased young guys really do rest in that monument, they wouldn't mind a little action once in a while. [Telegraph UK]

Maggie · 12/20/07 10:20AM

Bad news for all you exhibitionists out there—the City Council passed a law yesterday allowing judges to sentence flashers to a year in jail, fines and probation. "If they want to expose themselves we'll expose them to the full extent of the law," said the bill's sponsor, Peter Vallone. Ba-dum-bum-bum. [NYSun]